ResidentSleeper Meaning

ResidentSleeper Meaning

ResidentSleeper Meaning
The ResidentSleeper emote is the emote of boredom par excellence. It is used when a stream is boring or ends very late.
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ResidentSleeper Twitch Emote Meaning

The ResidentSleeper emote is one of the most popular Twitch emotes and is used in situations when a stream is boring. It is also used when we find the story or content of the stream boring.

But it's not just about being boring. The ResidentSleeper emote is also used if the stream is very late and people are getting sleepy.

The image behind the emote is a sleeping man. This gentleman is OddlerPro, a Twitch streamer that fell asleep during a stream.

It is part of the original Twitch emotes and the most used emote when a streamer is boring.


ResidentSleeper Emote Origin

The origin of the ResidentSleeper emote can be traced back to 2012, when the streamer OddlePro fell asleep during a 72-hour marathon playing Resident Evil.

During the marathon, and after more than 65 hours, OddlePro fell asleep in his chair. In one of the moments, someone captured his face while he was completely asleep and made him into an emote.

The ResidentSleeper emote was removed in June 2016, because the image had very low resolution and couldn’t be updated. As of today, the ResidentSleeper emote can be found, again, among the original Twitch emotes.

How is ResidentSleeper Pronounced?

The emote ResidentSleeper is very easy to pronounce, because the term is pronounced as: “resident-sleeper”.


ResidentSleeper is an emote used mostly in Twitch when the stream is boring or very late in the night. Viewers who are bored spam the channel's chat with ResidentSleeper emotes to get the streamer's attention. It is the main emote for showing boredom or sleep.


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