SourPLS Meaning

SourPLS Meaning

SourPLS Meaning
SourPLS is an emote and term used to show emotion and happiness in a particular situation.
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SourPLS Twitch Emote Meaning

SourPLS is an emote used in Twitch thanks to the BetterTTV extension. This emote is used to show happiness or emotion before a specific event. It can be used to show the hype you have because something happens.

This emote spreads happiness and joy in equal parts and shows a guy dancing in a supermarket.


SourPLS Emote Origin

The gif is taken from a video that a Twitch employee uploaded to YouTube on April 17, 2007. In it, we see a person dancing to music at a Toys R Us.

To use and see SourPLS we need to install the BTTV plugin. It is a gif so we have to configure BetterTTV to show us gifs.

How is SourPLS Pronounced?

The term SourPLS is pronounced as two words (sour + please), and sounds like this: "saw-ur-pleez”.


If you want to show hype, emotion or joy about an upcoming event, SourPLS is your emote. The gif lasts a few seconds and shows a guy dancing on a Toys R Us. It's part of a YouTube video recorded by a Twitch employee and you need the BetterTTV plugin to see and use it.


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