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SourPLS Meaning

SourPLS is an emote and term used to show emotion and happiness in a particular situation.


Posted at November 19, 2020

SourPLS Twitch Emote Meaning

SourPLS is an emote used in Twitch thanks to the BetterTTV extension. This emote is used to show happiness or emotion before a specific event. It can be used to show the hype you have because something happens.

This emote spreads happiness and joy in equal parts and shows a guy dancing in a supermarket.


SourPLS Emote Origin

The gif is taken from a video that a Twitch employee uploaded to YouTube on April 17, 2007. In it, we see a person dancing to music at a Toys R Us.

To use and see SourPLS we need to install the BTTV plugin. It is a gif so we have to configure BetterTTV to show us gifs.

How is SourPLS Pronounced?

The term SourPLS is pronounced as two words (sour + please), and sounds like this: "saw-ur-pleez”.


If you want to show hype, emotion or joy about an upcoming event, SourPLS is your emote. The gif lasts a few seconds and shows a guy dancing on a Toys R Us. It's part of a YouTube video recorded by a Twitch employee and you need the BetterTTV plugin to see and use it.


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