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Streaming headset - guide and comparison 2022

We have already tested the best gaming headsets for you and compiled a detailed guide, but now we go one step further. As you surely know, there are many gaming headsets on the market. But which of them are also suitable for streaming?


Posted at May 4, 2021

Basically, of course, all of them, but is the microphone quality of most gaming headsets sufficient to excite your audience? We clearly say: no! For this reason, we have written a guide for you, which will explain what makes a good streaming headset and what distinguishes a streaming headset from a normal gaming headset. We'll also explain why we wouldn't recommend buying a wireless streaming headset for streaming and how you can use streaming headsets to start a great stream for your viewers on the console. Have fun!

1 The most important things in a nutshell!

  • A streaming headset is an "all in one" product where you have to make compromises
  • The quality of the microphone is by far the most important feature of a streaming headset
  • A streaming headset should always be comfortable and convenient even after hours of use
  • There are hardly any good wireless streaming headphones on the market
  • For streaming, we rather recommend wired headsets

2 Streaming Headset - The best headsets in comparison!

3 Buying guide: What you should look for when buying a streaming headset!

You are a streamer and want to buy a streaming headset, but don't know if it will meet the demands of the Twitch community? As experienced streaming experts, we're here to help. A streaming headset should offer the same functions as a normal gaming headset - just designed for streaming and optimized for it.

Buying any gaming headset and streaming with it will certainly work, but if the microphone of the headset is not of good quality, it may seem quite unprofessional and even scare off viewers. These days, viewers are used to being entertained in the best possible way - both in terms of content and technical implementation. Establishing oneself as a new streamer can be quite difficult and require a lot of patience, but if the basic equipment and the necessary means are missing, it becomes even more difficult.

A good keyboard is important, a good mouse is important, a good streaming camera is even more important - but none of these things weigh as heavily in streaming as the streaming headset or microphone. However, since you want to do without an external microphone and are looking for a high-quality and good-sounding "all-in-one" device, the only option is to buy a streaming headset. But what do you have to look out for? We explain.

3.1 Microphone


Have you ever seen a great streamer whose microphone sounds bad? No? Neither have we. That's why the quality of the microphone on your streaming headset is immensely important and the one thing you absolutely should not compromise on.

You should be aware from the start that the microphone on your new streaming headset won't come close to the audio quality of a real streaming microphone, but there are already models that have such a good sound that it's hard to believe that this is the microphone of a headset. When looking for a streaming microphone that has a good microphone, you should rely on your own hearing.

Good old YouTube reviews are a good tool here, for example. Many creators who specialize in testing technology articles regularly put gaming headsets under the microscope and offer the viewer a so-called mic test within the videos. Listen to them and compare them with each other to understand the differences and comprehend which headset offers the best microphone for you. According to some users on the Internet, the headset with the best microphone is still the MMX 300 from the German hi-fi expert Beyerdynamic.

However, if you're not willing to spend €250 on a streaming headset, listen to recording samples of this device on YouTube and use the quality of this microphone as a benchmark when looking for an alternative.

3.2 Comfort & Convenience


This is an important topic, especially when it comes to streaming. Streamers are entertainers and place great value on comfort. Everything should be perfectly coordinated and function ideally. If a badly fitting headset gets in the way, it can quickly become uncomfortable for you as the creator as well as for your viewers, because the constant straightening and adjusting of the headset can cause interruptions and bumps on the microphone, so that the sound the viewers hear is overmodulated.

This doesn't come across as professional or entertaining in any way. That's why you should choose a headset that fits your head perfectly and is comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Since streamers are sometimes live for several hours at a time, the streaming headset should offer the maximum possible comfort! There should be nothing pinching, pressing or otherwise annoying.

How do you find out if the streaming headset you have in mind fits you perfectly? By trying it out, of course. You can take a close look at the dimensions and data, and you won't be able to tell from this information whether the headset is ideal for your head or not. Likewise, you won't be able to get more than a hint of how soft and comfortable the ear pads are from the pictures. Nothing helps - you have to try on streaming headsets. You can do this in electronics stores, which usually have their own gaming department, or you can order your desired headset on the Internet and try it out without any obligation within the cancellation period.

Due to the fact that headphones are still a hygiene product, you should be careful not to test the headsets extensively and leave them on your head for hours. The first impression is worth its weight in gold! You'll know after a few minutes whether the streaming headset is right for you.

3.3 Sound quality

Even though you primarily want to give your viewers a good time, you should of course not go empty-handed and be rewarded with great sound quality when buying a good streaming headset! This is very important, since we are in a very specific field here, where the products that fall into this category are already in the upper price & quality range, there should not really be any problems regarding the sound quality. It cannot be generalized that every streaming headset has a good sound quality without exception, but it will be like that in most cases.

When it comes to sound quality, it always helps to take a quick look at the reviews of other users to get an idea of how the headset sounds. Also, don't be afraid to try out the models in the store or at home.

3.4 Streaming to consoles


Most current consoles these days offer the ability to stream. So if you're not streaming with a capture card while sitting at your desk, you can stream from your couch. But instead of setting up an elaborate streaming setup there, you can achieve exactly the same result with a good streaming headset.

Streaming headsets are perfect for console streaming because they're handy, quick and easy to use, and provide a comfortable microphone quality for the viewer. In most cases, you can simply plug the streaming headset into the controller's combo port and get started right away. Before you start streaming, you might have to adjust a few settings in the console's menu, but this should be self-explanatory.

4 Wireless headset vs. wired headset

We'll be honest with you: streaming headsets mainly benefit from their excellent microphones, and in the wireless headset segment, you'll hardly find any models that can really keep up with the quality of the wired models. They do exist, but they are not exactly widely represented.

The A50 Wireless Gaming Headset from the company ASTRO, for example, is such a model. The microphone quality is not quite as excellent as the wired MMX 300, but it is still very good and above all sufficient for streaming. We would also like to positively highlight the EPOS I from Sennheiser here. The wireless headset from the German hi-fi manufacturer can be heard and felt not only in terms of sound, but also in terms of the high-quality workmanship. And then it already gets tight ...

If you want to stream without compromises and with the best possible audio quality, we recommend using a wired streaming headset. Wireless models may make sense for gamers, even professional gamers, but to entertain viewers in the best possible way, the quality of the microphone should be so good that you can entertain many people with a clear conscience - and unfortunately that is not the case with 99% of all wireless gaming headsets.

5 Streaming Headset - The Cost


Headsets that are suitable for streaming logically tend to be a bit more expensive than normal gaming headsets. While good gaming headsets start at €50 to €60, you'll probably have to up your minimum budget to €100 to €120 for a streaming headset. Top models like the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 have much higher prices. The high-end range starts at about 200 €, whereby the tendency is more towards 300 €.

This price might seem high to you, but you have to remember that a streaming headset is a product that combines two products. On the one hand the streaming headphones and on the other hand the streaming microphone. At best, both components are of high quality, which leads to such high prices. If you look around for a streaming microphone and also need the corresponding headphones, you will also be 200 € poorer very quickly.

6 Frequently asked questions about streaming headsets

What is a streaming headset?

A streaming headset is basically a gaming headset that is designed for streaming.

What is the best streaming headset?

The best streaming headset is the Beyerdynamic MMX 300.

Do I need an external microphone?

If you have a good streaming headset, no, not necessarily.

What is the difference between a gaming headset and a streaming headset?

While gaming headsets are rather designed for private use and gaming among friends, streaming headsets have especially high-quality microphones built in.


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