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OWN3D Pro modular package setup guide
OWN3D Blog OWN3D Pro Take control of your stream like never before with the Elgato Stream Deck plugin for OWN3D Pro
OWN3D Pro modular package setup guide

Take control of your stream like never before with the Elgato Stream Deck plugin for OWN3D Pro

The OWN3D Pro Elgato Stream Deck plugin revolutionizes your stream by enabling effortless control and efficient management of your OWN3D Pro features. This powerful integration connects your Elgato Stream Deck device with OWN3D Pro, granting you quick access to key functionalities. Stream management becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch content to your audience.



Posted at July 21, 2023 · 2 minutes to read

Stream smarter and brighter: The Elgato plugin for OWN3D Pro is here

OWN3D and Elgato proudly present the brand new plugin explicitly designed for the Stream Deck, enabling you to easily control your streaming tool OWN3D Pro!

The Elgato plugin for OWN3D Pro is the perfect companion for your Stream Deck. This plugin empowers you to take charge of your streaming tool OWN3D Pro with its simple integration, user-friendly controls, and functionalities. Streamers can now focus on delivering captivating content while effectively managing their chat, events, alerts, and more.

Stream Deck Elgato OWN3D Pro Screenshot.png

Safeguards for your stream

This plugin revolutionizes your streaming workflow, granting you complete command over your OWN3D chatbot and enhancing your streaming endeavors.

With the Elgato plugin, you can activate and deactivate a range of chatbot protections. Ensure a harmonious chat environment by quickly enabling features like Caps Lock Protection, Symbol Protection, Paragraph Protection, Emote Protection, Link Protection, and Words Protection. Bid farewell to unwanted disruptions and create a more enjoyable stream for you and your viewers.

Use your Stream Deck to manage Visuals & Sound Alerts

Elevate your stream's visual and auditory appeal with the free Visuals & Sound Alerts extension, conveniently controllable through the OWN3D Pro Stream Deck plugin. This plugin empowers you to personalize and fine-tune your Visuals & Sound Alerts, granting you full control over the ambiance of your stream.

Easily mute or activate sounds, visuals, and alerts, and even trigger them manually to entertain and captivate your audience. Simply assign a button on your Stream Deck to trigger any of the visuals and sounds you have installed on OWN3D Pro. Whether it's a humorous meme, a stunning visual effect, or a catchy sound, you can provide your viewers with an unforgettable and personalized streaming experience.

Stream Deck Elgato OWN3D Pro Screenshot with Visuals and SOunds.png

Manage your OWN3D alert sets and ⁠Visuals
& ⁠Sound Alerts extension profiles

Easily switch between different alert sets to match the tone and theme of your stream. You can select the previously configured alert sets with the Stream Deck plugin and have the possibility to adjust the alerts right during your stream. This way, you always have matching alerts for every game at hand! So create multiple alert sets and surprise your viewers during your stream with various alerts that will always fit the theme.

In addition, managing your profiles for Visuals & Sound Alerts becomes hassle-free. Select the desired profile with a single button press, instantly changing the visuals and sound effects that accompany your stream. Simply create different profiles on OWN3D Pro and adapt the visuals & sounds in your extension with just a single button press on your stream deck. 

With the OWN3D Pro Elgato Stream Deck plugin, you have full control over your Alert Sets and Visuals & Sound Alerts extension profiles.

Access the Event List and Dashboard with
one button

Stay organized and in control with direct access to your OWN3D Pro event list and dashboard from your Elgato Stream Deck. Navigate through your stream events and notifications. With the Elgato plugin for OWN3D Pro, you can pause, mute, or reactivate your Twitch stream events on the fly.

Frequently asked questions about the OWN3D Pro plugin for Elgato Stream Deck

How does the OWN3D Pro Stream Deck plugin benefit streamers?

The OWN3D Pro Stream Deck plugin empowers streamers by providing convenient control over various aspects of their streams. It simplifies chatbot management, enables quick access to important stream information, and offers customization options to create a visually appealing and engaging stream.

How can I download the Elgato plugin for OWN3D Pro?

To download the OWN3D Pro Elgato plugin, visit the Stream Deck Store and go to Plugins. You can easily find and download the OWN3D Pro plugin from there. Browse the available plugins or use the search function to locate the OWN3D Pro Elgato plugin. Once you find it, click on the install button to initiate the download process.

Which broadcasting tool can I use with OWN3D Pro?

OWN3D Pro is designed specifically for OBS Studio. It is a comprehensive tool that integrates smoothly with OBS Studio, one of the most popular broadcasting tools. OWN3D Pro provides various features and resources, such as overlays, alerts, and designs, that can enhance the visual aspects of your streams.

Is OWN3D Pro completely free to use?

Yes, OWN3D Pro offers a range of features that are completely free to use. This includes the Twitch extensions like Visuals & Sound Alerts, Twitch chatbot, labels, live chat box, and more.

Can I access overlays and alerts for free?

Absolutely! With OWN3D Pro, you have access to 5 free overlays and alerts that you can use to enhance the visual appeal of your stream. If you like what you see, you can upgrade your account to unlock over 900 overlays & alerts.



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