The Perfect Branding

The Perfect Branding

The Perfect Branding
You already have experience with streaming, but your community is only growing slowly? In this case, you probably lack a professional branding to level up your streaming performance.
Posted at 10.09.2020 09:41:44 UTC • 2 minutes to read

Besides a uniform design, there is much more to it. We will show you step by step what is important for a perfect branding and how you can easily implement it.

Step 1: How do you build up your brand?

Be aware of one thing: You are your branding. Not some fancy logo or the craziest alert by itself. The image you show to the outside world, how you act, how you talk to your community, but also the look of your online presence is what defines the overall picture.

Besides the recognition value you should pay attention to authenticity. Of course, it happens again and again that viewers don’t like something about your branding, but it would be wrong to misrepresent it. According to an old proverb: Everyone is given the followers he deserves!


The most important thing is the way you communicate with your audience and community. During the process of finding this out, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you want to be perceived?
  • How old is your target audience (are vulgar expressions ok, etc.)?
  • What special phrases or expressions do you use?

Especially the latter point is an exciting one, because the building of your recognition value already begins in communication. We’ll explain this to you using an example: The two prominent streamers HandOfBlood and Kalle have created the words “Ehre” and “Alla”. After a few weeks, these words could be read over and over in their chats. In addition, they have thus reached the ultimate achievement: Their community also uses the words outside the streams – verbally as well as in other social networks or streams.

Think about which expressions or sentences are so typical for you that you don’t even notice them yourself, but where you know that they are not ubiquitous in your native language. Often these are phrases that you heard as a child or that are typical for your home region – for example dialects.

Unique selling proposition (USP)

Another point you should take advantage of is the USP; something that also comes from business education: If there are many suppliers for the same product, each one must stand out from the others with a unique selling point.

HandOfBlood streams in a knight outfit

As a streamer, you do this in addition to communication by thinking up a special program for your live streams or by masquerading. The latter can be a costume matching the game or accessories that you always wear.

Corporate Identity (CI)

If you want to undertake a professional brand building, there is no way around corporate identity. The term describes all the features that distinguish you, from your communication, to your unique selling point and your design. And we’re talking about your Twitch channel as well as all the other sites you appear on the internet.

twitch-overlay-brave-series.jpgBrave Stream Design by OWN3D.TV twitch-overlay-minimal-series.jpgMinimal Stream Design by OWN3D.TV

For this reason, it is also existential to get all design elements from one supplier and not to mix them wildly. The look and colors of your overlays, alerts, emotes, badges and panels should harmonize with each other, fit your personality and be adaptable to other channels. In this way, the third point also increases your recognition value. So, avoid any generators that create graphics that you can find everywhere on Twitch.


Twitch Design from Nilson1489


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