Gamer Food: What To Eat As A Gamer

Gamer Food: What To Eat As A Gamer

Gamer Food: What To Eat As A Gamer
Do you often find yourself sitting in front of the computer completely exhausted and can’t get a kill? Are your reflexes tired and you are just an easy prey for noobs and other pests? Then you lack energy!
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What you need is good, fast-prepared gamer food! In this article we want to define the conditions that a proper meal for full-time and professional gamers must meet. Afterwards we will enlarge upon useful ingredients and finally, recipe ideas for gamers, because we really don’t want you to accidentally bite into the screen, while looking at the next buff food.

Real food for gamers must have three main characteristics:

  1. It has to be prepared quickly, because we want to get back to the screen as soon as possible
  2. It must be healthy and full of energy, so that we can play concentrated for a long time
  3. You must be able to eat it with a maximum of one hand in order not to interrupt the game flow more than necessary

Basic ingredients Basic elements of food crafting

Let’s first take a look at the basic ingredients that are particularly suitable for gamer food. Even a professional gamer should know which items to farm before he starts crafting. The following ingredients should definitely end up in your inventory at the next supermarket raid:

Potatoes, rice and pasta - Pure Carbohydrates


These main ingredients cover most of the above-mentioned properties by themselves. They can only be eaten with a fork or a spoon, are relatively quick and easy to cook and contain a lot of carbohydrates that supply energy. Furthermore, both of them make you full for a very long time, so that you can play a lot longer until the next meal.

Fresh vegetables - Crispy vitamins


Delicious and rich in vitamins is especially the pepper, but pretty much every vegetable is suitable as gamer food in small pieces and can be served with the main ingredients mentioned above. The vegetables are best steamed lightly and then cooked in a sauce of strained tomatoes or coconut milk.

Eggs & beans - Good proteins


They are especially distinguished by their high protein and low fat content and are also quick to prepare and delicious. Furthermore, they can be eaten almost always with just one hand, which can be advantageous in the heat of battle.

Different types of gamer-food - Which buff food for which purpose?

So, we now have some ingredients together and no longer have to rely on the slice of dry toast with mortadella. But what do we make with them? Of course, this depends on what kind of gamer food we need at the moment. As in the game, where there are different types of buff food for mana regeneration and hitpoint recovery, true gamer food can be divided into categories.

Asian cuisine - Fast & delicious


The practical thing about Asian cuisine is that apart from a wok, you don’t have to put much else on the stove. Washing fewer pots means saving time and a less complicated workflow, so you don’t need many cooking skills to try it. Asian cuisine also contains a lot of vegetables, so it is very healthy.

The food is served in handy bowls and eaten with a spoon or a fork. Knives are not needed. What makes Asian food also interesting for gamers is the use of rice or pasta in almost all dishes. Their advantages have already been examined in more detail above.

All in all, Asian cuisine is particularly suitable for novices of the culinary art, even though there are clearly more sophisticated dishes.

Burger, sandwiches & fingerfoodWithout fork & with good ingredients


Of course, when it comes to meals that are prepared quickly and tasty, burgers, sandwiches and all kinds of finger food should not go unmentioned. Even though there are prejudices, because of McDonalds & co, these meals can be healthy too.

They are especially suitable to loosen up the food plan of gamers, if they are homemade with good ingredients.

SmoothiesBuff food in liquid form


Smoothies can be made of just about anything. You only need a blender and different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The result is always a tasty and healthy snack, which can ideally even be drunk with a straw.

To make sure that the whole thing fills up properly, you can add some yoghurt or curd. Ice cubes made of frozen fruit juice or frozen fruit provide pleasant cooling in particularly hot fights.

Exceptions prove the rule

WHEN there is less time for your buff break

In case the buff break is shorter, you can of course occasionally let yourself be carried away to a not so healthy snack. It just shouldn’t be the rule. During our researches we came across a particularly funny product, which we don’t want to withhold from you: Gamer-Food!

Yeah, that stuff is actually called that. This is a mixture of nuts with caffeine, taurine and ginseng. However, whether you can get it past customs is questionable.

Healthy food habits



The question «What should I eat as a gamer?» has now been clarified, but the question «How?» remains. It’s not only important to eat healthy and varied food, but make sure you:

  • Take a healthy portion size to avoid being eaten over completely and not being concentrated
  • Your food has a healthy balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • You don’t eat every meal in front of the screen

A dangerous habit in the gaming scene is also to stay awake with energy drinks and coffee. This may be okay in exceptional situations, but it should not happen all the time and even then, only in moderation.

Caffeine and taurine are known to cause circulatory problems and even heart attacks in sensitive persons. With fatigue your body wants to tell you that it needs rest. And in case of doubt, your body still knows best what is good for you.

More great tips for everyday life as a gamer can be found in the article Everyday tips for gamers and streamers.


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