Everyday life for gamers - Compact gaming tips for your career in the gaming scene

Everyday life for gamers - Compact gaming tips for your career in the gaming scene

Everyday life for gamers - Compact gaming tips for your career in the gaming scene
In this article we will tell you 8 important gaming tips that will make your career in the gaming scene easier!
Posted at 27.10.2020 11:34:12 UTC • 6 minutes to read

You are a video game fan yourself and play not only for hobby but also for passion? Then you probably know the prejudices that gamers are constantly confronted with. Be it the inputs from friends or family that label you as a nerd, the accommodation of your time for hobbies or even your environment itself. In this article, we will give you valuable tips on how to make your gaming day a success, work on your progress and maybe even turn your passion into a profession.

Find your game

Probably the most important first step for all gamers is to choose the right video game. Surely you already have some preferences regarding the genre and should therefore first choose the most popular games from this list. Then you can decide for yourself whether it should be just one of the titles or maybe several. The huge selection of titles in each genre should make sure that you find a game that suits you. Of course you don't have to commit yourself to just one genre. But if you have ambitions to be one of the top players of a game, it is recommended to have enough time for training and improvements.


The right equipment is essential

Without the right hardware it will be extremely difficult to become a successful gamer. Once you have found your game, make sure that your hardware has the necessary power to keep the game running smoothly (at best on high-ultra settings). If your computer's hardware is powerful and can easily play your desired games in high resolution, the next essential step is to get a mouse, keyboard and a suitable gaming headset. We have a whole article with tips and information about gaming hardware. You can find it here.


Develop different strategies

Many gamers encounter the problem of simply not getting ahead several times during their career. If you fail in a boss fight for days or even weeks, your rank doesn't improve for months or you notice that your opponents always feel one step ahead of you, it's time to think of a new strategy. There are many ways to do this. One of the best methods is to check guides on YouTube. Often these are created by very experienced players, who explain the individual problems of difficult tasks accurately. You also have a visual example "how to do it right". Another method is the classic Trial & Error: Try new approaches that differ from your original playing style. If you are successful, you can build on this and improve yourself on your own. If you play with friends, for example, you can also use voice chat to exchange ideas and gather your knowledge.

Learn from others and join a clan

If you are very good at the basics of your game and no longer see yourself as a beginner, the time has come to join a clan. This clan offers you a variety of like-minded people and potential new friends as well as the opportunity to improve yourself even more. You exchange ideas, learn from each other and participate in clan events. In addition, there are now events for a large number of video game titles in which clans can participate and win small to medium sized prize money. We see a lot of advantages and practically no disadvantages in joining a clan and can therefore recommend this to every gamer.


Breaks - not only important for your health

Gaming breaks are an immensely important basic rule for all gamers. The constant playing of video games costs a lot of energy for the body and mind. If you have already played 2 hours of highly concentrated games, give yourself and your body a 10-15 minute break, away from the screen. If you have the opportunity, take a walk in the fresh air, collect your thoughts and release the tensions caused by sitting for hours. The break is also suitable for preparing snacks, topping up your drink or, for smokers, as a cigarette break. It is well known that long, uninterrupted sitting in front of the computer can be very harmful in the long run and should therefore be taken seriously. In addition, you will notice that after a break you will have a higher concentration level again and can be more efficient.

Gaming Nutrition: Healthy nutrition for gamers

Already for years Gamers are said to have a usually bad nutrition consisting mainly of pizza, fast food and energy drinks. This does not have to be the case and a healthy and yet tasty diet only takes a little more time than the preparation of the well-known frozen pizza. In general, there are some very simple basic rules to follow:

A balanced diet, several meals a day and a sufficient amount of water are a good start. Of course, the vitamin balance can also be helped by taking a dietary supplement if necessary. Nevertheless, you should not have a guilty conscience if you ever reach for fast food. The golden rule is: breakfast, fruit and vegetables in between and one warm meal per day, paired with at least 1.5 liters of water and you are "on the safe side": https://www.own3d.tv/en/blog/tips/gamer-food


The ideal gamer's apartment: Perfect your environment

No, you don't have to move immediately after you have finished reading this article. But there are still some tricks to consider when it comes to room layout and furniture to create the perfect living space for gamers and especially streamers.

You can embellish your room with a variety of elements. From posters of your favorite games and game figures to LED room lighting in matching colors, there are countless possibilities to pimp your gaming crib. If you have the possibility to set up a separate gaming room, then this is definitely recommended. Not only because you have "your peace" there, but also because you can realize your own creativity according to your own ideas.

Bathroom & toilet within reach

Many gamers have already been in the tricky situation of not being able to get off the screen at all, but at the same time the pressure in the lower stomach is constantly rising. To be well prepared for this situation, it is recommended to set up your setup as close as possible to the bathroom and toilet.

Also, you should not necessarily have to cross an obstacle course to get there, but preferably a straight path without cupboards, chairs, pet cages or the likes to overcome.

The right angle

As beautiful as the sunlight may be, on your screen it can become a bigger opponent than your real enemy in-game.

Make sure that you set up your setup in a way that you get incident sunlight not on your screen, but on another place in the room.

Alternatively, a curtain or roller shutter can be useful here.

There are also a lot of monitors with a matte screen these days. This also prevents the sunlight from being reflected and you can keep a clear view.

Jobs for gamers: Turn your hobby into a profession!

Of course, it is practically impossible to name a specific job, because your degree, skills, age, work experience and much more play a major role in finding a job. However, we will give you some general tips on what you can consider when choosing your profession to make sure that it can be combined with your passion for gaming.

Close proximity - little loss of time due to travel

Ideally, your workplace should be in the vicinity of your home so that as little time as possible is lost due to travel time. The ultimate here is of course the home office, where you simply have to start the game after work, but it also tempts you to simply play at your "workplace", which could be counterproductive for your further employment. Depending on the discipline you have, it is of course still an option, but if in doubt, you should simply find a good compromise between your financial worries and your bad perks.

Many jobs from the home office can also be in the gaming area. Be it game development, design, content creation/translation or active assistance in the creation of storylines. It's best to look around the internet and explicitly look for jobs in the scene if it's your dream job and you have the necessary qualifications.


The right working hours

It is also important in a job for gamers that your working hours don't interfere with your daily gaming routine. For example, if you arrive at work at 5 a.m. Monday morning after a gaming session, you will not be doing yourself or your employer any favors.

Of course, you should adapt your own habits to your work. If you are more likely to be active in the morning hours, a job with late shifts will probably bring you more than one where you are well rested and fresh on the mat at 9am and miss your computer.

Good salary

Since gaming certainly involves a lot of costs, your financial budget should be prepared as good as possible. Make sure that you have enough money available to cover your home and living expenses, your hobbies away from gaming and other expenses such as partners, travel, cars and much more. You should buy your gaming upgrades largely from the surplus from this. A good salary and the right job are the best basic requirements for a gamer without any compromises.

Good salary is always relative. Calculate your monthly expenses and possible purchases and you will have a good feeling about how much you have to earn as long as you are honest with yourself. However, we do not recommend that you take a job just for the money. A fair pay-check and passion for your job are the perfect combination.


Have you implemented all tips? Well done. A little advice at the end: Gaming is a nice and often time-consuming hobby, but you shouldn't let it determine your whole life. This may seem contradictory at first glance, but that's exactly what we have done with the suggestions in this article. A healthy middle way is the best solution. Of course, we understand that you want to play through nights full of energy and fun. But don't neglect your friends and family and take a few days/nights away from your computer/console and spend time outside, socialize and participate actively in life. This is a real blessing for your health as well as for your psyche!


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