Waiting Screen Twitch ⇒ All about intermission screens!

Waiting Screen Twitch ⇒ All about intermission screens!

Waiting Screen Twitch ⇒ All about intermission screens!
If you want to appear professionally as a streamer, a matching Twitch waiting screen, a matching Twitch welcome screen and a matching end screen are essential. In this article we tell you everything you should know about the so called intermission screens!
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Professional appearance is one of the most important elements for the success as a streamer, but it isn’t enough. The channel on Twitch or YouTube should also be designed in such a way that a professional effect is achieved. In addition to an Overlay and matching Panels in the channel description, stylish Welcome, Pause and End Screens (so-called “intermissions”) boost the image of a serious channel. Therefore, we want to take a closer look at the topic in this article.

A Welcome, Pause or End Screen is a graphic, animation or video that usually contains information on the stream and is often highlighted with music. They inform the viewer that the stream starts, is finished or that the streamer isn’t there (but will be back soon), but they can contain further information.

Useful for an End Screen would be for example a date for the next stream or a countdown that could be displayed on a welcome message. Also, URLs to the different social media channels, the request for a follow or the latest donations can be displayed there.

How to set up an intermission screen


So, you can see that such Intermission Screens are very versatile. But how can you set them up? While offline banners can be easily set up in Twitch’s settings, intermissions (such as End Screens or Welcome or AFK Messages) are best created in OBS. We’ll explain how it works. The first thing you need is an appropriate scene. Once you have created a scene for all desired screens (see screenshot), set it up with an image as in the example. It should be fullscreen, in good resolution and meet the purpose. More information about the stream or what’s currently going on can also be useful. An End Screen could show the date of the next stream, a Welcome Screen could display a countdown and an AFK Message could animate the viewers to chat games. The possibilities are almost endless.

Animated pictures, videos & background music

Instead of a graphic, it is also possible to add animated images (such as gifs) or even videos. For the latter, simply use the “media source” instead of the image source and add the video there. Note that you can only hear the sound if you activate the monitoring in the advanced sound settings. Otherwise it can only be heard in the stream.

Tools and aids - Great video making tools

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a professional intro or outro video. Online you will find a large number of different editors and tools to support you in this task. These are either free or very cheap. A good example is RenderForrest. The website offers a large selection of templates for trailers and intros, but also for company presentations or explanation videos. Many topic-specific video packages complete the offer. In a few easy steps and with a well explained editor you can create your own video for a maximum of 30€. Further great (and above all cheaper) solutions are briefly presented below.


Flixpress is one of the ten best providers of intro generators currently available online. You can’t only choose from a large selection of ready-made templates, but it’s also possible to upload your own content. Finished videos are exported as Mp4 by default, but other formats are also supported. To use all templates on Flixpress, you have to subscribe.


Biteable.com offers similar features to Flixpress, but you don’t have to subscribe to use the templates. Instead, free videos get a badge that tells the viewer which tool was used to create the video. The editor is clear and offers many features.


The special feature of Ivipid.com are definitely the intros of big studios (like Lucas Arts or Marvel), which are available as templates. This way you can give a special touch to your channel when you for example play a game from Marvel or Star Wars. To create videos, you need credits. The higher the quality of the video, the more expensive it will be. A clip in 1080p resolution requires 900 credits, which is about five to six euros.

We hope you enjoyed this short introduction into the topic of End Screens, Welcome Screens and AFK Messages in the stream. You can find more information on professional appearance and streaming in general in our large Twitch Guide. If you want to learn more about Tools for Streamers, have a look at our article “The best Tools & Plugins for Twitch Streamers“.


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