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StreamHeroes - The ultimative Guide!

StreamHeroes - The ultimative Guide!

In this article you will learn everything about the ultimate collectible card game for streamers & viewers: StreamHeroes!


Posted at June 14, 2021

1 What is StreamHeroes?

StreamHeroesis a virtual and interactive trading card game where you are rewarded for your loyalty as a viewer of your favorite streamers. You earn points for watching Twitch content and can in turn exchange them for great trading cards from various creators and streamers. You can even compete with other fans while collecting and become the ultimate StreamHero.

2 What are the advantages of StreamHeroes?

streamheroes-en (1).png

Of course, StreamHeroes offers several advantages - both for creators and viewers. The free system is already extremely popular with the Twitch community, and by now many big streamers have their own cards.

2.1 Advantages as a streamer

As a streamer, you naturally want to build a brand and show your viewers that you are more than a simple streamer. Besides many adjustments you can make, like integrating different overlays or setting a consistent channel design, StreamHeroes offers you a decisive advantage: Your viewers watch your stream longer and more often, because they want to collect points and cards from you. If you as a streamer decide to offer your own collectible cards to your viewers, you will be placed more prominently on the StreamHeroes website than if you did not offer any cards. This of course automatically leads to more and more potential viewers becoming aware of your stream. In addition, this keeps you in people's minds, builds a brand, and best of all, significantly strengthens the bond between you and your viewers!

2.2 Advantages as a viewer

The key advantage of StreamHeroes is that it's completely free for you! In addition, as a Twitch fan, you have the opportunity to collect points solely by watching and thus receive cards of your favorite streamers. In addition, we would like to awaken the "hunter-gatherer" instinct in you with StreamHeroes. Because we are already a huge community, there is a leaderboard, daily quests, and many other things that will make you compare yourself with other users and compete against them. If the streamer you're watching has StreamHeroes alerts enabled, you'll even show up in his stream when you unlock one of the cards. So the question is not what benefits StreamHeroes offers, but what benefits it does NOT offer. Namely, as a regular viewer of various streams, you get the points and can prove to the world that you are a loyal fan!

3 StreamHeroes - How it works



Registering with StreamHeroes is as simple as connecting directly to your Twitch account. To do so, simply click on the "Register" button and follow the instructions. From now on, your Twitch account is connected to your StreamHeroes account, and you can start collecting energy.

Which brings us to the keyword. What you're collecting on StreamHeroes is called energy. You can compare this energy to the classic experience points in a video game - the more you watch, the more energy you get. After registering, you automatically collect 1 x energy for 5 minutes of watchtime, so you don't have to do anything but watch your favorite streamers - totally easy, right? When you have collected enough energy, you can convert it into so-called coins, which you can use to perform many different actions. Of course, you can also use your collected energy to unlock the coveted cards of your streaming heroes. This is possible if the streamer you've been watching has created a StreamHeroes profile and their own cards.

Depending on how many card levels your favorite streamer has created, the cost of the next card will change. You can unlock your first StreamHeroes card after only 30 minutes - because then you will have collected enough energy (6 x) to craft an LVL1 card. There are up to 5 card levels and the requirements are staggered accordingly. For example, for an LVL2 card you need 6 LVL1 cards, for an LVL3 card you need 6 LVL2 cards, and so on.

4 StreamHeroes - How easy it is to create cards for your viewers!

You're a Twitch streamer and want to give your viewers the opportunity to unlock your trading cards? No problem! If you're an affiliate or Twitch partner, you can create cards and make them available to your viewers. We'll briefly explain how it all works in this guide.

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to your streamer settings.
  2. Select the "Card tool" tab in the menu.
  3. If you haven't created a card yet, the next window will be mostly empty - except for the button called "Card Editor".
  4. This intuitive editor allows you to create your first custom card.
  5. Clicking on "Card Editor" will take you directly to step 1.
  6. Here you can set the basic design of your cards - as design, color, effects, etc. Don't worry, this is just the basic design! In the next step, you can customize the template according to your ideas and wishes.
  7. Once you've decided on a nice design, we'll move on to step 2, which is all about customizing your design.
  8. Now it's time to get down to business! After you have decided on a basic design, you can now create the card. Set the font, color saturation, etc., upload an image, place it in the center of the card and click "Save & Continue"!
  9. Done! Your StreamHeroes card is created and will be unlocked soon after a short review by our team.

5 Streamheroes Features


StreamHeroesoffers a lot of features - for streamers & creators as well as for viewers. In this section we would like to introduce you to the basic features of StreamHeroes and show you that it is worth to be part of it.

Level your viewer profile and become the most powerful viewer

By consuming content on Twitch, you unlock energy and can convert it into coins or cards, but your viewer profile also levels up automatically the more you watch. For example, you can become the top viewer of your favorite streamer by collecting all the cards and joining in on every stream. Make a name for yourself in the Twitch community and become a superfan!

Compare your card album with other viewers

Just like back in the schoolyard, only cooler! Who has the best cards, who can claim to be the bigger fan? Compare yourself with other users and pass them with epic cards. Streamer cards are automatically added to your profile after unlocking, so everyone can see what cards you've already collected. Likewise, you can also browse through other people's profiles and get new incentives to unlock the next level.

Compete in the leaderboards for the top viewer positions

Our StreamHeroes platform has an integrated leaderboard, where every user is listed with the corresponding ranking. So you can keep climbing up the more coins & cards you collect. Fight your way to the top places and show that you are a true Twitch pro!

Illustrator Area

As a Streamheroes or Twitch partner, you have exclusive access to our Illustrator Area under certain conditions you must meet! You'll get access to new modules in the card editor and now have the ability to have custom card sets created for you. That's right! - Our talented illustrators will draw you unique cards for your streamer profile. All you have to do is tell our illustrators what you want your cards to look like and within a few days you'll have your new and custom designed StreamHeroes card set!

Quarterly Raffles

With our Raffles, which take place once a quarter, you have the chance to win great prizes. Working closely with our partners, our main goal is to give back to our great community. As long as the promotion is running, you will receive a ticket with every new card you crack, which you in turn will use to enter the raffle. The more cards you have crafted or tickets you have collected, the higher your chance of winning. Also, your chance to win something increases when you watch streamers streaming the featured game.

StreamHeroes Collection

Play a mini-fame and collect 56 different StreamHeroes Collection cards with 5 levels and cool effects

6 Physical StreamHeroes Cards - Coming Soon

We heard you! Currently, we are working hard on a realization of physical collection books & cards of your favorite streamers. In order to present you the best result soon, this process requires not only some manpower, but also time. So that you can hold your cards in your hand and glue them into the booklet in the future, our team has been working on this project for quite some time. Recently, there have been physical booklets & trading cards for major events, such as the horror camp, fishing camp or the new medieval camp. Because the feedback from the community was so positive, we are looking forward to presenting you the next level of StreamHeroes soon.

7 StreamHeroes - FAQ

Is StreamHeroes really free?

Yep! StreamHeroes is completely free.

Can I trade my cards?

This feature is currently in planning and will be implemented soon.

What do I collect energy for?

You can use energy to craft cards or to exchange them for coins.

What is the Coin Depot, and what do I need it for?

A Coin Depot stores all the coins you collect, which you can exchange for cool extras.


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