Overwatch Twitch Stream Overlays

Since its release in 2016, Overwatch’s competition-based gameplay has quickly won over the eSports community. The game is also very successful on Twitch & Co. and many streamers and their fans are enthusiastic about it. It’s just fun to watch the likeable characters in their action-packed battles. That’s why we dedicated a collection of professionally designed overlays to the game.

The right overlay is not included and you would prefer a different colour or style? Contact us and we will do our best to create the perfect Twitch Stream Overlay for you!

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How to add Overwatch Overlays to your stream

All Overwatch Overlays from our shop include an import script for OBS, so you can start streaming quickly. Only a few steps have to be done:

  1. Install all fonts from the folder /fonts on your system. 
  2. Import the scence.
  3. Set up the imported scene elements.

Select all fonts from the /fonts folder and then click (right-click) on Install in the context menu. This will install all fonts on your system and you can use them within the text elements (see below).

We provide you with a complete set of scenes, so you can start your Twitch stream quickly and easily. Simply select Scene Collection > Import and the included JSON file (Product name-overlay-scene.json) from the download directory. Now you have succcessfully imported the set of scences and you can conntinue editing. In the Sources box you will find the following elements:

Overlay layer

Double-click on the layer “Overlay”. Then select the correct path to your overlay.png file.

Text elements

Twitch Overlay Template OBS Text bearbeiten

With a double-click on a text element you can modify the texts. In this way, you can customize all the necessary text according to your wishes.

Camera source

Double-click to select the correct camera. The alignment is already optimally positioned for you.

Note: All of our templates have been tested with the latest OBS version. In principle, downward compatibility should be guaranteed. If there is a problem, make sure you are using the latest version of OBS.