Twitch Overlays & Animated Stream Templates

  • Do you want to take your gaming stream to the next level? Get a premium Twitch overlay for your stream now! Whether on Twitch, Youtube or any other streaming platform, our overlays can give your channel the advantage to become more successful. Also check out our panels, alerts, emotes and even more designs for Twitch.

  • If you want to add an overlay to OBS, just follow these simple steps below. If you need more detailed information, we also have a detailed tutorial and video for you: Twitch-stream overlay guide

    There are two ways to add your Overlay to OBS:

    • A = Import PNG files
    • B = Import a complete scene in OBS.

    In our stream packages you will get the files that you need for both ways.


    1. Click on “+” in the Scenes box and name your new scene.
    2. Use “+” in the sources box to select the category “Image” and create your source.
    3. Search for the image file of your overlay to insert it.
    4. To add a frame for your webcam just repeat step 2 and 3.
    5. Select the category “Game Capture” by clicking “+” in the Sources box and create your source.
    6. Select “Capture specific window” and look for your game in the Window box.
    7. Make sure that the sources are in the correct order (e. g. overlay above game recording) and change it if necessary by using the arrow keys in the source column or just via drag & drop. You can also select the source and then use the up or down arrow keys while holding CTRL to move the source up or down.
    8. To integrate notifications for followers, donations etc., select “Browser Source” with “+” in the Sources box and insert the special link you get from providers like StreamLabs (link:


    1. Unpack the overlay package and install the fonts you find in there
    2. Start OBS Studio
    3. Import the scene (.JSON) we sent you
    4. Double-click on “Overlay” and select the file path to the unpacked .png file
    5. Modify text elements in the scene.
    6. Modify camera – DONE!
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