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  • As a Twitch Affiliate or Partner you have the possibility to offer your viewers paid subscriptions with special advantages. One of these advantages are special emoticons for subscribers (so-called Twitch Emotes). In our shop you will find a large selection of such Twitch Emotes, which you can add to your channel immediately after purchase. This guarantees a consistent design of the emoticons and a professional look for your Twitch channel.

  • Adding Subscriber Emotes How to create emoticons for subscribers on Twitch

    On your Twitch Dashboard you will find the menu item “Emoticons” in the “Settings” menu. By clicking on “Edit” you can upload your Twitch Emotes in PNG format. In the same menu you will also find options to change or delete already existing emoticons. When uploading the emoticon, you can choose a code with up to 20 digits to activate the Twitch Emote. This code can contain the letters A-Z and the digits 0-9.

    Tips & information

    Twitch Emotes must be uploaded in PNG format and should have a transparent background. They are available in three different sizes and for each of them a PNG file must be uploaded: 28 x 28, 56 x 56 and 112 x 112. The individual files must not be larger than 25 kb.

    A detailed guide with more information you can find here on Twitch.

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